This soap cleanses with fine grains with a formula that has a pure base of Dead sea Mud and other Dead Sea Minerals to free the skin of dirt particles, impurities and toxins, while refreshing and revitalizing. cleans and restores a healthy and natural glow of your skin. It has been enriched with moisturizing Shea butter, for soft skin. Our customers has commented that this soap made their skin appear more even toned, lighten dark circles under diminishes the appearance of blemishes and gives a overall youthful healthy appearance. It is suitable as a spa body soap, but you may find it is especially beneficial as a facial soap. Because the dead sea mud bar soap is cold processed, they are gentle on your skin and extra luxurious. Our soaps will not dry out the skin. They will leave your skin looking nourished and feeling moisturized and refreshed. You will find that our soaps rinse easy and leave your skin soap free. Our soaps are 100% paraben-free and made from certified organic ingredients and plant based essential oils. Excellent for dry skin,Suitable for all skin types,Conditioning May be used as facial soap.

Great Soap for oily skin and breakouts

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Mud Soap

  • $6.99

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