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Shea Body Butter - Lavender 8oz

Shea Body Butter - Lavender 8oz
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Shea Body Butter - Lavender 8oz
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  • Model: Lavender
  • Weight: 8.00oz
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  • UPC: 721405441952
This body butter makes your skin smooth and soft. It is wonderful for all over the body, especially the face. It evens the skin tone with a healthy look. Some of our customers found our body butter to be great with diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, pores and lighten dark circles under eyes. It is useful for softening hands, hair or rough areas.  Our Shea Body butter will make your skin appear healthier and feel smooth all over. This Lavender butter can be useful to help relax before bed. Made with pure, unrefined ingredients only.  Our body butters are 100% paraben-free and made from certified organic ingredients and plant based essential oils. No Mineral oil. No water. Nothing Artificial. Here is what some of our customers say: My face was dry and itchy I tried your shea body butter, I not only feel the difference, I see the difference. Thank you! I look younger i had dark circle under my eyes. The dark circles are almost gone. My face is very moist and smooth, thank you again. Your loyal customer." A. Rutledge. I just bought this at the Keller Farmer's Market and I love this stuff. There's not an ashy or rough patch left ANYWHERE, feet, elbows, not even my cuticles! And I love that it's unscented and so isn't competing for attention with all the other products with scent. Thanks and I'll be buying more!

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